Staying Safe in the Sun: Sun Safety Tips

As the summer approaches, so do the hot and humid days.  With the days being longer, we tend to make the most out of them by staying outside longer.  I am a strong advocate for outdoor activity, but with these extremely hot days it is important to take precautions to protect yourself and loved ones Read more about Staying Safe in the Sun: Sun Safety Tips[…]

Heads Up – No Diving

The information in this post can be found at Swimming season is almost upon us.  I know a few young kids that are looking forward to it more than anyone else.  In fact there is an ongoing debate between them as to who will be the first one in the pool this year.  This is Read more about Heads Up – No Diving[…]

Swimming Pool Safety Tips

Swimming pool safety is probably the single most important part about owning a pool.  After all, the fun of owning a pool goes away if it is not safe.  Even though I consider my pool safe I am always on alert when I have people over.  Especially if those people include kids.  I have written Read more about Swimming Pool Safety Tips[…]